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EMINEM Coachella 2018 (Full Live Performance) [Dr. Dre, 50 Cent & 2Pac]

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EMINEM Coachella 2018 / Eminem brings out Dr. Dre / EMINEM Live At Coachella This year’s Coachella headliners have been quite something, The Weeknd kicking off the weekend with a hit-packed set while Beyoncé blew everyone away with a stunning show. Sunday saw Eminem take to the stage, bringing along four key guests. First up was Bebe Rexha, who performed “The Monster,” a song she co-wrote but was originally performed by Rhianna. Next was 50 Cent, who performed the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ track “Patiently Waiting” with Eminem, before launching into snippets of “My Life” and “In da Club”....
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