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Captain Disillusion: World's Greatest Blenderer - Live at the Blender Conference 2018

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Recorded at De Balie in Amsterdam on October 25th, 2018. In this format-bending presentation, Intergalactic VFX explainer Captain Disillusion recounts his journey from humble amateur superhero to best Blender artist of all time*. It's a case study in using Blender as a versatile production tool in a comedy web series and a love letter to the Blender community. At the very least, it's an entertaining way to spend the better part of an hour. *Allegedly. ---------- Creative Commons Credits: Oscar Award Statue model - androgenius23 (Blendswap) Photo of Ton Roosendaal - William Maanders (Wikimedia Commons) Lightwave 3D screenshot - Bernhard Bazant
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